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Accueil: Bienvenue

I've been writing music since I was ten years old. With a fellow horn player from the municipal school of music in Albertville, we had fun copying out small excerpts from scores with as much care as possible in the writing to imitate the printing press.
But I wanted very quickly to write and hear my own music. I then composed
my first piece, a trio for trumpet, horn and trombone, which we played,
young musicians that we were from the Municipal Harmony of Albertville.
A septet came next and that's how my self-taught learning
began. I have always composed for friends, colleagues,
    institutions, trying to satisfy their requests by responding
as faithfully as possible to their musical wishes.
The creation of a new work is a human adventure that fascinates me and motivates me enormously. I have written for young musicians and for the most seasoned professionals always with equal happiness, and I hope to be able to do so for a very long time. If you want to suggest a project or consult one of my works,
I invite you to contact me using the form below.

Chamber music

- Chansons Rhénanes after Guillaume Apollinaire for baritone, low horn, string quintet

- Short stories after Joseph Conrad for oboe and string trio

-Quartet for oboe, violin, percussion and piano

- Storyboard for violin and piano

- Entertaining suite for violins, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoons, horns, trumpet and piano

-Musika Miklos for piano

- Little tales in Chantilly for piano four hands

- Miniature for wind quintet

- Divertimento for flute, bassoon and piano

- Arc en ciel pour sextuor de clarinettes ( 1 mib, 1 sib, 1 la, 2 cors de basset, 1 basse )

- Valse mélancolique tirée de la Suite divertissante arrangée pour sextuor de clarinettes                                     ( 1 mib, 1 sib, 1 la, 2 cors de basset, 1 basse )

- Suite Américaine pour 2 hautbois, 2 clarinettes, 2 bassons, 2 cors, contrebasson ou contrebasse

- Constellations, Suite for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano

Brass music

-Heteroclite Suite for trumpet and piano

-Ballade à Joinville for horn and piano

- Evocation for horn and organ

-Legend for horn and piano

-Passage for trombone and piano

- Toccata circus for brass quintet

- Travel notebook for 2 trumpets, 3 horns, 4 trombones, tuba

- Episodes pour 4 trompettes, 2 cors, 4 trombones, tuba                    et percussions

-Sonata for trumpet and piano

-Fanfares for four trumpets

-Ako'quartet for four trumpets

-Hyphens for three trumpets

- Quad for trombone quartet

-Post-it note for trumpet and French horn

- Puzzle for trumpet, horn and trombone

-3D for trumpet, horn and piano

- Rhapsody for trumpet and piano

- Fantasy for trumpet and organ

-Happy days for trumpet and piano

Large sets

-An extraordinary journey after Jules Verne, rhapsody for clarinet and orchestra

-Tokyo print for Wind together

- Kaleidoscope for trumpet and brass band

- Fantastic stories after Jules Verne for 18 brass, percussion and great organ

- The Whale for Chamber Orchestra, extract from Constellations


Thank you for what you sent !

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